We empower our clients to reveal their timeless beauty by offering cosmetological products seamlessly integrated with expert solutions and personalised care. This means that we will provide you with a beauty assistant who will make sure that you get the right products and know how to use them. Without any additional cost!

By consulting you before and after your purchase, our professionals will make sure that you have the right tools and knowledge to elevate and sustain your beauty. We have created a community of experts in the field of beauty, whose members will help you choose the most suitable beauty products for your skin and advise you on skin care issues.

We will accompany you not just until the moment of salе, but during the whole length of your care process. We will always be near, if your product will require an urgent replacement, or if you will be in need of literate, professional advice. Grozio.LT is a place where we will show you all of the secrets of cosmetic care and reveal the hidden potential of products created for your health. A place where we will find the right product to satisfy your needs, and provide you with expert advice on achieving results in nurturing the beauty of your skin.


To offer professional, impeccable product and service to cosmetologists and their clients. To adhere to the highest standards of excellence in cosmetic quality and empower our customers in securing the most reliable path to beauty and health in their daily life.

Our mission goes beyond just offering professional cosmetics. We are driven by a vision to truly make a difference and achieve visible results. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality products and ensuring that they reliably satisfy the desires of all our clients.


Grozio.LT is the official and authorised representative of professional cosmetics SOTHYS Paris (France), Simone MAHLER (France) and RENOPHASE Laboratoires (France), Dermia Solution (Spain – Germany) in Lithuania, conducting wholesale trade since 2014.

In our philosophy, the key term is “QUALITY” due to the synergy of brands with long experience and traditions in the professional beauty market, effective and safe active formulas in products, professional consultations and pleasant service, personalised products and services of the highest quality.

All brands represented by Grozio.LT are based on a unique scientific philosophy and are based on effectiveness, safety, flawless and effective results.

The main goal of the company is to provide people with the highest quality services and experiences. Therefore, every step of Grožio.LT from ideation to the final result is a promise of quality, which means science, reliability and effect.


Quality – We are always on your side. We seek to gain your trust by offering solutions which best fit your needs and goals.
Efficiency – We are better today than we were yesterday. The most significant incentive for our growth – is the pursuit of surpassing the expectations of our clients.
Innovation – We constantly work on our own processes, perfect the knowledge of our team through constant learning and adhering to your comments and suggestion.
Professionalism – We aim to work only with proven brands whose effectiveness we can see for ourselves. We seek to combine theory with practice and together help restore the beauty of your skin.


The team of Grozio.LT are fans of their craft, who care about their profession. We don’t just work with cosmetic solutions, me truly love them, and know why. Each member of our team has accumulated a wide variety of experiences related to beauty products. Now we are happy to share our knowledge with you. All of our specialists are highly qualified and this is supported with the relevant certifications. Our mission is to offer beauty products, which adhere to the golden standard of cosmetic quality, and to create an unshakable sense of confidence in every client by effectively incorporating cosmetic solutions into their daily lives. We turn beauty dreams into reality, deliver the best products and thoughtfully guide you, making your life pleasant and comfortable.